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The Jubilee Academy which is located in Kiptugumo area in Kericho County is an educational facility with Emphasis on Gender Equality and Moral Values. To contact us use the following email:, Telephone: +254701000938 – KENYA

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NOTE: If you wish to join us as a partner in this project, you are welcome. Either as an active or passive partner. You may also contribute financially to help us here and your name will be engraved on one of our buildings as a memory of you and your support. We can, for example name a Library, a Classroom, A dormitory after your name. Welcome to be part of this noble educational project which will change lives.


The Jubilee Academy with Emphasis on Gender Equality and Moral Values will consist of the following:

  1. Secondary school
  2. Primary school
  3. Pre-Primary section
  4. Norway-Kenya Christian Center for Youth Counselling and Empowerment (NORKEN)
  5. Sports Center

This is a new school located in Kiptugumo area in Kericho County in the Republic of Kenya, expected to be operational from January 2018.

Although the school is for both boys and girls, it will give rare opportunity to underprivileged girls in the region whose chances to acquire education on their own is minimal due to many hinderances, among them forced early marriages, pregnancies and poverty.

Kericho County is located in the Rift Valley, bordering the following counties; Nandi to the North, Uasin Gishu and Baringo to the North East, Nakuru to the East and South East, Bomet to the South, Nyamira and Homa-Bay to the South West, and Kisumu County to the West and North West.

  • What you get for choosing to study in our Academy:

Choosing our Academy will give you a bright future if you are a hardworking student. You will get a chance to acquire a scholarship to proceed to university on completion of your 4-year secondary education in our institution.

The Jubilee Academy will prepare students to understand the importance of a positive contribution to the development of the society they live in, and ensure they acquire behaviours of national patriotism, respect and to rely on their own judgement in cooperation with others in adapting a sense of purpose and discipline in life.

Upon completion of their studies, the students may choose to proceed to college. The competition for admission to colleges and other post-secondary education is high and costly, so the choice of a secondary school matters alot, when weighing options for further education.

In this regard, The Jubilee Community Academy Community students will be lucky because they will benefit from different categories of scholarships, that will be awarded in order to enable those who pass their KCSE well, to proceed to universities or other institutions of higher learning.

Implementer: The Jubilee Academy      — Not-for-profit
 Year to be launched>     2018

Stage> Currently not active

Education level> Secondary> Form 1
Learners to be served> 80 students in 2018

Girls: Wanted target>
Boys: Wanted target>
40 students
40 students

Location Data;
Launch country> Kenya
State/Province> Kericho County
Geography type> Rural
Program Description:

The Jubilee Community Academy, Secondary School section, is a school for boys and girls who are high achievers and need financial help one way or another. Many schools in rural areas of Kenya are unable to give secondary students the necessary quality education, especially when students have limited interaction with their teachers, required to share learning materials such as textbooks because of shortages that also curtail them from taking materials home to study.

The fees is another hurdle affecting many Kenyan families. The Jubilee Academy’s curriculum will focus on math and science as well as improving students’ self-confidence. The Academy will employ university graduates and other supporting staff and while doing this will give teachers from the local community a priority.

Students will receive their own textbooks for every subject and a light lunch so that students are able to concentrate on studying. In 2018, the school seeks to enroll 80 students and more than 20% of them will be awarded scholarship grants while the rest will have their fees reduced in their second year as a student in the Academy. Students who attend without paying will be sponsored by donors who will have the right to receive progress reports twice a year.

The Academy will follow the Kenyan National Curriculum, but will offer a cultural shift that is unique from traditional Kenyan schools. This shift will include adopting teaching and learning methods which emphasize critical thinking and active class participation. The school’s approach is to develop skills which will prepare students for life-long learning and for adapting to a rapidly changing world. Lessons integrate the national curriculum with character development, citizenship, and attention to physical and emotional wellbeing. Through this whole-child approach, students both meet the requirements for passing the national exams and are given tools which will serve them throughout their lives.

  • CONSTRUCTION PLAN: Project phase 1 – year 2014/2017

Construction of Offices, 2 classrooms, Headteacher’s office, Staff Room, The Bursar’s office, and Toilet facilities scheduled to be ready for use from January 2018:


  • Headteacher’s office, Staff Room, The Bursar’s office.

Secondary Section – Two classrooms:

  • 2 classrooms to house Secondary school students Form 1

Toilet Facilities:

  • 1 toilet and bathroom for Administration staff and the teachers,
  • Toilets for students (boys)
  • Toilets for students (girls)


  • CONSTRUCTION PLAN: Project phase 2 – year 2017

Construction of 3 classrooms, Residential Staff quarters, a Library, Dining Hall, 2 dormitories (80 person capacity each) scheduled to be completed by December 2017, ready to be put into use from January 2018

Secondary Section – Two classrooms:

  • One classroom to house Secondary school students Form 2
  • One classroom to house Secondary school students Form 3
  • One classroom to house Secondary school students Form 4


  • One Laboratory for Secondary school students

Residential Staff quarters:

  • One house for the Director
  • One house for the Manager
  • One house for the school Matron
  • A facility containing Six houses for the teaching staff

Boarding facilities;

  • One dormitory – capacity 80 male secondary school students
  • One dormitory  – capacity 80 female secondary school students


Library for Secondary school students


  • CONSTRUCTION PLAN: Project phase 3 – year 2017/19

Construction of 11 classrooms, offices, and Toilet facilities scheduled to be ready for use from January 2019:

Office block

  • Office block to house the Headmaster, the teaching staff of the Primary school Section and ECD section.

Primary School Section;

  • 8 classrooms to house primary pupils class 1 to 8.

Pre-Primary Section;

  • 2 classrooms to house pre-primary children class 1 and 2

Baby Class Section;

  • 1 classroom to house a baby class.

Toilet Facilities:

  • Toilets for pupils (boys)
  • Toilets for pupils (girls)
  • 1 Toilet for Baby class and pre-primary children (Boys)
  • 1 Toilet for Baby class and pre-primary children (Girls)


6 comments on “About/ Home

  1. Elizabeth Jepkogei kichwen
    June 8, 2014

    This is a blessing to the community may God bless the work of your hands and anyone who has contributed to this BRAVO!

    • jubileeacademy
      June 10, 2014

      Thank you for urging God to bless the work.

  2. Ms. Mercy Chemutai
    August 18, 2014

    God bless you for this huge gift to the Kenyan people.

    • jubileeacademy
      August 18, 2014

      The Academy appreciates your kind words of blessing.

  3. Alice Wambui Kariuki
    November 1, 2014

    this is surely going to be a blessing to the community. i hope to visit the school when am in kenya next time.

    • jubileeacademy
      April 17, 2015

      Welcome to the institution. We appreciate your comment

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